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I need the connection of Satisfactory to the Razer Chroma interface. Can you program that please?

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Its not the Task of the Game Developer. Usually the driver of your Keyboard should allow you to setup the corresponding keybindings
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do you know what razer chroma is? i dont talk about keybinding! its an interface to interactive with the game for light effects.
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I think the OP was talking about something more like frostpunk's keyboard lighting, changing based on things happening in game. This is not done by the makers of the keyboard driver, but by the game developers if they choose to implement it. I don't know how much work it takes, but it does fall on them if they want to.
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You know you can create profile for it by your self? I did.
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You are right, but i mean the keyboard light interactive with events ingame. So the MAM research finished all keys flash blue or the power generator is out of fuel all keys pulse red.
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and that is why you learn programming. to implement that your self.
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