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So jet packs are great, they make fall damage irrelevant if you're careful, they let you more easily traverse your factory, and they let you fly around at the speed of sound when you jump off a conveyor, but the one thing they have a problem with is going up, as in straight up. What if there was an equipment that could fill that gap letting you jump up to your hearts content? Batteries have no use in the game at the moment beyond powering cars for a while so how about we give them another use, they should add charged jump boots/leggings that consume batteries to launch you into the air far higher than the jet pack could ever hope to get you, maybe even the height of radar towers. Unlocked around tier 8 by researching batteries, they would be crafted using blade runners, jetpacks, batteries, and aluminum plates and would consume up to two batteries per jump sending you about as high as the radar tower is tall in about 3-4 seconds and would completely negate fall damage. You would charge the jump by holding ctrl for about 3-5 seconds and then pressing space and you can press space again to stop yourself from rising more mid jump, also giving back a portion of the battery charge used in the jump based on how high you ended up going. They would also have two or three charges of directional movement boosts, basically like a short dash, that would quickly move the player over about the length of one foundation and slow them down to the speed they were before after that distance is traveled, allowing the player to slightly adjust their landing position, but not enough as to make them more viable than the jet pack when it comes to horizontal movement.

TLDR: A late game equipment that is like the jet pack but for going up and that runs on batteries.
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