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As a joiner into another player's game, I can overclock all buildings using only 3 power slugs that I can take back to my inventory.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to any machine
  2. Add 1-3 power slugs
  3. Overclock the machine
  4. Take back the power slugs into your inventory
  • The machine is permanently overclocked even though the power slugs are not in it
  • This can be done to *any* machine without losing any power slug
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Had the same effect just now, so I can confirm this. All you need to not do is touch the slider on the bottom. It stays on whatever percentage you put it even after removing the slugs....
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Question does it show that way for the host? even before recent updates the client was showing thing not overclocked and host would look and it was overclocked.  Seems to have a lot of client / desync issues my friend wasn't able to see the inventory of vehicles or truck stops since the last updates :/
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@Davetiger so long as the host doesn't touch the overclock bar, yes, it shows like that for them as well. We also see the energy pikes from overclocking the buildings this way, to the point of doing this 'trick' to our coal energy generators and having the extra bump in energy capacity. It stays live for all the machines we apply this to. We'll try to reload the save today and see if things are the same or if they reverted back to their original state.
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Damn it....my twin towers run about 700 Power Shards. Hours of Searching for slugs for nothing :( :D
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