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The other day, I was experimenting with remote play on the Steam Link (Besides the point of the report) and I experienced a very poor framerate due to the video encoding being too much for my graphics card. The framerate was only about 2-3 fps. While in this condition, I discovered that the jetpack refuses to activate in this situation, unless I jump from a high up location first. I'm guessing that the jetpack needs a certain amount of time after leaving the ground before it will activate, but the lag is causing me to reach the ground again before that time is elapsed...

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This probably isn't an issue with the jetpack or any sort of bug.... don't use a slow setup and it should work correctly. That's kinda your bad and you should expect -everything- to work bad/wrong/broken when you're running the game at 2-3 FPS.
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Look, I get that a low-framerate situation is not normal. I just thought this was worth reporting, since things shouldn't behave differently when at a low framerate... When at normal framerate, you can press and hold space and you fly. When at low framerate, you can't. That doesn't seem right to me.
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