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The Games crashes when i or my friend enter of the map.

For me (host) the game freezes and closes shortly after that. I also get a Unreal Engine crash report window. My friends game doesnt crash but because mine did he cant to anything execpt run arround.

The game works just fine anywhere else and doesnt have any problems but the whole northwest part is unusable.

Did anyone else have a similar experience ?  

(Were both running the latest version of the Early Acess build )
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My group is getting this as well. Our players crash in the northwest area and in the red forest area
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Wanted to say the multiplayer my brother and I have has this same issue. Was browsing to see if anyone else reported it rather than make a new one. Host can run through the area but as soon as I'm in the game, crossing the 'threshold' causes the game to crash.

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we have a this issue too. If we go together in the North West the game crashes. It is annoying and the game chrashes too by a espacially cave where uran is. Sorry for my english O.o but this is very annoying...
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Same issue here too, an entire part of the map seems to have an invisible line that if we cross the host crashes and the client stays in but can't do anything.
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The funny thing is, if he is in singleplayer on our map, he can enter the North West etc. without a crash. That is a fucking problem in multiplayer...
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I got it fixed somehow.

I am not exactly sure what fixed it but i did serveral thing

1.Updated to the newest drivers

2.Reinstalled the game but this time on my ssd (load times are awesome now)

3.I explored the part of the maps in singleplayer and my friend joined the game after i did that but still in the same game session

Now everything works in terms of exploring the map

Mayby it helps someone
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Ty, that fixed it for me!
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So i had the same problem and the comment by Terra helped me fixing it.

The player that is server has to go into the nw part of the map (i went to oil location) where the game crashes and stays in that location. Then another person needs to join and come to the same location aswell. After that the game didn't crash anymore and i saved. Seems like that fixed it somehow, because there are no crashes anymore.
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