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Currently, one type of small shrubbery in the Northern Forest biome (I don't know if that's official name for it, or if it even has one - but I am talking about third starting biome), became indestructible for vehicles. I am talking about small piny things, that are not gatherable with E button, but you can chop them down with chainsaw, picture below. I don't think there are any problems with other aspects of the bush's model, they do not become indestructible in total, it's just the speeding vehicle does not splat them like their respective peers in other biomes. 

Considering how good are they masked against same color of grass, combining with speed of vehicles that makes them drawn right in front my bumper with no time to react and the fact that camera zooms out a bit when driving (especially for truck) and makes them significantly smaller for the eye, I managed to roll over through the nose several times. They are like immovable barrier for vehicles, compared to their respective peers in other biomes. While the core of the bug is easily replicable - just drive into any bush that looks like this, found around cliffs north of third starting zone ... 

...I'd also like to point out, that may help locating the bug, that this change was introduced in main body of Update 2 (Trains and Radioactivity), or the earliest micropatch that followed. I am like 75% certain of it, because I had started several bases in that biome in May and June and I'd notice them while driving around. Though, I have to admit I liked to clear the area next to base of any foliage once I got my hands on the saw  and there's a small chance I had not droven into any of them in areas bit further away. 

I am pretty sure, compared how other shrubbery behaves in the game, this is not something intended and putting the question in which build it was introduced aside, I think it's easy thing to fix. I'll be happy to provide any additional data required if needed but I assume it's easy enough to replicate - I don't think my shrubs are different from Your shrubs :D

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