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My savegame has always been slow to load (3 to 5 minutes), but after the second hotfix in the train and nuclear update, the loading times of my save scalated quite dramatically to the point where it now takes 20+ minutes to load. The wierd thing is once the savegame is loaded, consecutive loadings OF THE EXACT same file takes 1 or 2 minutes.

I have tried everything including:

-SatisfactorySaveEditor FIX

-https://ficsit-felix.now.sh FIX

-loading previous savegames

-Deleting all vehicles (including trains)

-a combination of ALL above

Nothing seems to work. Is this a known bug?. 

Please help.

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I forgot to add that i also tried the processor affinity fix described in reddit.
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well, when the save issues on experimental happend, there were some strange issues where only giving the save to someone else and resaving the file fixed the issue. Dunno if you wanna try that out, but if, just pm me.
No idea if this is working anymore tho, since I thought that all save-related issues had been fixed before the build went to stable.
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I appreciate the offer, but i have never installed experimental on my pc. I tried loading savegames one and a half months old and the same is happening. So its not the savegame, but rather something with the game. I will reinstall it and post the results.
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Reinstalling does not solve the issue.
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Same issue it's taking more than 5 Min.
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