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Does anybody know if there will be enough hard drives in the final game to unlock all alternate recipes that will exist in future? Would be nice to know whether it is safe to unlock all 39 currently existing recipes now or better save the drives for future recipes.
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I have collected 41 of these (beyond everything unlocked) for future research. Some of these are a bitch to acquire now (radiation, gas, and spitters all together) and I didn't want any future surprises added to the hassle. The 4 with future item requirements, I have isolated from the environment with walls and ramps; so I can collect them when those items become available without much trouble.

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Unlock them all for now. If they ever add more recipies then hard drives, its probably time to restart the save. The risk of playing an active developing game
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Currently there are 67 droppods in the game. This should be enough for all alternate recipes, plus the inventory upgrades you may aquire from researching.
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That is exactly my question: Will there be more than 65 alternate recipes in the final game, and - if yes - will there be additional hard drives to unlock them all.
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They added new wreckages with the last update (#2) and I guess they will keep adding if there are not enough on the map to get you all your recipes and unlocks. Some harddrives lead to additional inventory slots (happend 2 times for me so +10 slots) so the number of harddrives must be a little more than the amount of alternate recipes and is.

Chances are high that even more will come over the next patches as they change and add alternate recipes from time to time and keep adding new tier with new parts.
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Currently there are in fact 86 drop pods in game. 4 of these can't be opened since we can't produce the required items.
Right now there are 39 alternate recipes in the game, so 39 harddrives can be used.
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