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As the title states, currently I, as a client in Multiplayer take no damage from nobelisks thrown by the host or myself as client, when blown up in the vicinity nor stuck on my body directly. trees in the area I stand will get destroyed.

When the roles were reversed and I was the host, the other player who hosted the previous session DID, however, take damage when I did the same to him.

This implies that it's related to a mediocre/ bad connection from the host, as my connection as a host is very good.

I just finished testing other weapons.
Nobelisk? zero damage.
Xeno-zapper? zero damage.
Xeno-blade? zero damage.
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The lack of info makes this hard to test/verify.
It would be helpful if you could add:
what Network Quality was the host using?
Did you guys try fully restarting the game to see if it still happened?
(And if it does) is it contained only to that world or will it happen in a new game as well?
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check my own answer below :)

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Well then, consider this closed.

That guy had a cheat engine running apparantly and turned on infinite health.

problem solved. I don't like cheats, especially if they are turned on when I don't know about them.
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