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Just would like to suggest that train stations have a button that will signal the closest train to override the time table and come to the station you hit the button on.
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So that is a reason to not do it?  Cause you can still do that if you want, also what about not late game.  Seems like your implicitly admitting that it would be useful then when trains are first being used.  So in short I don't see a good reason NOT to do this.
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I currently build an engine if I want to travel, but I also like your idea of a train call button.  Why, because I would use it to capture rogue engines.
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I do not see the reason to wait for the train to drive once through the entire map (if one has such a track) before being able to hop onto it
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Then don't wait, build your extra train.  That still isn't a reason to not add this feature.
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Perhaps, okay

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but you can call the next train to the station via Train Station.

it would be nice to have a more improved rail network that allows you to have multiple trains going on the samt track without driving into each other.

or what about making a second train network with only 1-2 trains that allow u to fast travel and another one for freight?
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Thank you!  

I completely missed that option.  I had only opened the "Time Table" when there was one engine online.  Now I don't have to chase down rogue trains.  I just call them home!
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But you have to adjust the time table to do it that way.  My suggestion would leave the time table intact just make the closest train skip the time table until it comes and picks you up.
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you are welcome :) if they are about to leave he station before u are there in time u can perhaps also delete a rail track in front of them quickly. just dont delete the one beneath them or u have to rebuild the whole train ;)
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