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  • place red productions so we can see what is in the way better
  • drone for a top-down view
  • player elevator
  • more wall conveyor
  • plan mode (cant tell you how many times I had to delete a whole area)
  • wall and roof cable connectors to keep factory neat
  • use the computers in hub to get a overview of factory able to turn off/ on things 
  • able to name storage and productions
just a few ideas 

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Your first point is unclear - I think you're talking about highlighting the item that is blocking your  construction, but I'm not sure.

Secondly, if you look around, you'll see other posts with your other "ideas".

The idea behind this forum (not that many people take note) is that you have a single question/suggestion per post.
Also, look for similar "ideas" on other posts and "up-vote" them so that the devs know what people want the most.
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that would be a good idea to but to know correctly you would need the item to be red then click like you are placing it but instead it would show what objects are in the way
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My biggest complaint, relative to tracking down conflicts during a build is my point of view will not let me see them.  That is one place where having an adjustable third-person view of the operation would really be helpful.
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