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The Personal Storage Boxes become fixed to the ground.  To move one, you must  empty it into backpack inventory - then deconstruct the empty PSB, then make a new one elsewhere - and reload from the backpack.  PAINFUL!  Could the PSB be made movable? If they could be selected and drug to another spot it would be helpful.

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As long as, while you have the box 'picked up', you can't do anything but move and select the new location for the box, I don't care. Can it be 'abused' to give yourself some extra inventory? Yes. It's gonna be a pain to do so consistently, but it'll also be one of those cool little tricks used by speed runners. I feel like the convenience of being able to pick these up and move them, vastly outweighs the 'potential for abuse', as long as it's done correctly.
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There is no intention of having the container 'editable' while it is being moved.  It is an object that has other objects INSIDE of it - so just the ability to move some object from one place to another does not seem like it would be ripe for exploitation.

Currently in the game, once an object is 'planted' down - the only option to change it's location is to deconstruct it and replace it in another spot.  Let me whine about what a PITA this can be when trying to get splitters to line up with an input/output!

I have previously mentioned the idea of being able to 'nudge' items - that would be a few pixels in any direction (arrow keys?) to help line up.  But it would open the door to allow objects to be come movable.  And again - this is not DUPING the object - it is just changing it's location.  I believe every object in the game has coordinates - I wonder if just (via a special MOVE tool) if the coordinates of the object where change - it would suddenly be in that location!  No exploits - no abuse - just a simple convenience to make an already complex game a bit less hard on the nerves...  LOL!
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As far as speed running goes, I opened a fresh session this morning and had a vehicle under me in less than 2 hrs. A vehicles does exactly what you describe. You load it up, you get in it, and can do nothing but drive to a new location. Maybe someone could mod that in for you later, but I dont see a need for fixed objects to be moveable. Good luck with your dreams.
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Did you actually read my 'dreams'?  I guess you build perfect layouts and have never had a storage box a bit in the way...  and you've mastered getting perfect alignment with splitters. Sorry to say your reply has NOTHING to do what I was talking about.
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Do not read! Accidental comment on wrong thread!!!

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