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Currently inventory in Personal Storage Boxes or big Containers have to be moved piecemeal from the container-to-backpack-to-next-container.  This is insanely clumsy!  Can a transfer mechanism be added such that the contents of one container could be selected (or marked) and the in a second step - move to another designated container?  The game is so inventory-intensive and one seems to be constantly shuffling things around much time is lost with this busy-work.
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I don't know why people are struggling with this simple concept. Belts don't even attach to Personal Storage Boxes so their "solution" is impossible.
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Yes - I was quite taken aback by the dislike/misunderstanding of the question. To me, the Personal Storage Boxes are a bit of a temp solution to the accumulation of stuff that occurs after many hours of play. Do hope CSS can come up with something better as well as a sensible wat to consolidate ALL containers.

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Thats what belts are for
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OMG! you totally missed the point of my idea/question! Did you even read it?

This is not about automation - this is about managing local collections of stuff.  If you have a bunch boxes with odds and ends in or a bunch of similar items you are collecting - you have to move them MANUALLY - and the current system stinks.
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Belt + auto sorter, is the closest ingame option.

I dont know of a single game that has a system you want, even those with global storage, still require you to manually move stuff.
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Sheesh! You still don’t get it.  :-(
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then explain it better.... I dont fully understand what you are trying to say either
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I think you miss the point of satisfactory Harrzack.

The game is about factory building and automation it's not about gathering loot and sticking it somwhere.

Really the only personal storage or container that you'll really need is one by default in the hub to store slugs and hdds.
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So what do you do if you backpack is petty full as you've been making stuff and have a fair amount of left over stuff?  What if you have a storage container almost full and you previously  set it down where it is now and is in the way? How do you 'automate' your way out of that?

I think, YOU sir, have missed he point of my comment!

 I am a less-than-optimal player and so DO have to make stuff manually as I figure out the game.  As a result I end up with a backpack AND Sugar Cube full of crap.  Worth hanging on to - but where do you  put it.  I suppose if you are a master builder and instantly have endless factories making everything you need - you can just chuck the leftovers (the American way, no?).

But for those of us who have to learn the game, get ideas how things work - there will be a fair number of misplaced Personal Storeage Boxes full of leftover inventory making various things (GASP!) manually. . And to clean them up is a big PITA.  It takes at least 5 steps to move stuff:
1. - Make room in your backpack to hold the boxes content
2. - Move stuff from container to backpack
3. - Delete container in the way
4. - Make new container that is NOT in the way of the HUGE factory (the point of the game)
5.  -Move stuff from backpack to new, safely located container.

I will admit 'gathering loot' is not part of this game - haven't really found any yet.  But it sure would be handy to just be able to move a container out of the way by selecting it (not currently possible) and positioning it elsewhere.
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