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Hey, i found an alternate recipe for Computers, the materials are:

Quarts Crystal, Plastic and Wire.

I did it like i was used to it, found the Harddrive, researched it, spend the Materials in the HUB, but the factory wont show me the recipe.

I found the other two alternate recipes for computers aswell and no problems here, the get shown in the factory or the manufactor. But not the one i posted upwards. Is that a bug or did i do something wrong?
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I would like to wait for the answer of Magnus292, before everybody is downvoting all comments. Since I actually think that there's something wrong. Since, as Magus said, the stuff was already spent in the HUB and unlocked. And it showed the same thing when the Harddrive was done with scanning.
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I have the same issue, I have it  unlocked, it shows completed in the HUB terminal but not show as a receipt in the manufacture. This is both in the Early release and Experimental Build.

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According to the Wiki and other sites there is no such recipe for computers, can you post a screenshot?

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Since I have the exact same problem, yes I can! :) Here you go, a screenshot of the alternate recipe. (Imgur link) https://i.imgur.com/0HnJItr.jpg
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Thats the materials to research the recipe. Not the actual recipe to craft the computers.
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I just unlocked this as well.   Here is a pic of Alt recipe...


Stupid me.  Since it's only two items, you build this in the ASSEMBLER, not a manufacture...

So this is no longer an issue...
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This is an existing recipe and has nothing to do with the original question. Please read it again carefully.
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You are both mixing up the alternate recipe with the milestone cost to unlock it.
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