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this is merely a suggestion to upgrade the radio tower to be used in conjunction with the "object scanner tool" in the game. when using both objects in tandem it functions. like the find node function for what ever channel we are scanning on " berry, nut, exc" and is shown on map.

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I want the map to have selectable fixed icons showing discovered locations, once you have a Radar Tower in range of said items.

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At least, I would love to be able to see what's in range of the radar (mercer sphere, somerloop, iron deposit and such, etc) since it consume power just to discorver the map when I can do that by myself to a cheaper price.

Just to be clear I don't want it on the compass since it would just render it useless but on the map when I open it, it would also be wise to add filters so we can display what we want on it and maybe extend it to the compass so that I don't have to go out of my car to scan every 100 meters because I have to find a way to go where I want without fallin in a pit or from too high since vehicles don't take damage but you take them instead.
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to clear  the  idea up.  " like having a cellphone tower function."

if you have more towers you have the more items pop up in range of the player . instead of a  limited range from scanner  as time of Cl#102023

this does still require the cost of building a radar tower and object scanner tool

extra coding required, extra functions, existing assets, pull level low
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might add google map in the game x)
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