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So, I built a few train stations for unloading cargo at base instead of having long conveyor belts across the map so I could compare how the two modes of transport work, how reliable trains would be for taking on the main supply of a resource, how it would impact factory efficiency, etc. (I'm doing a mega-factory build).

I placed the stations parallel to each other with 2 foundations between them as clearance for conveyor belts. In the end, my design for taking the resources from the freight platforms used this entire 2 foundations of space, and I liked it that way.

However, later on I decided to replace one of the freight platforms with an empty platform, only to find it wouldn't let me place the empty platform as it was encroaching the clearance of the conveyor belts, despite the fact that the empty platform is physically smaller! Didn't matter if I rotated the platform around or not.

I thought maybe it was a bug with the encroachment check on all platforms but it allowed me to place the freight platform back in the same spot. So for now I'm just leaving it as a freight platform, and it'll be fine and all it's not like I'm losing a feature by having a freight platform there instead of an empty one... But clearly it means there's an issue with the encroachment checks on the empty platform which should be addressed.

Edit: Originally marked this as an issue on Experimental however been informed that stable is currently more up-to-date, have tested on latest stable build and issue persists there.

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No empty plattform has still the wrong bounding box. See this for more information.

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Nice detailed post. The problem is worse than I thought D:
I'll select this as the answer as your own linked issue is more detailed and mine is essentially a dupe.
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Stable is more up to date atm, so check there.
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Thank you for the suggestion (and the info that stable is more up to date - might fix some of my other issues/crashes), but the issue with empty platform clearance persists in stable.
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