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I really like everything to be nice and neat and tidy - that's what makes working with Satisfactory so, well, satisfactory. All the snap points and whatnot make it easy to make everything nice and straight, and I've been loving it.

But... freight platforms ruin this feeling! The conveyor belt input/outputs are between the snap points of foundations! I place the train station directly aligned so that it takes up exactly 2x3 foundations aligned perfectly at the edges, but then the I/O of the freight platforms you attach to this are all offset! Why? Why would you lovely devs attack me personally in this way? D:


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You're playing the experimental version right? Because this was fixed 3 patches ago and is perfectly aligned in the current EA version.

Note: Please keep in mind you might need to reconnect the belts if you placed them before the patch.
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Thank you! I was just informed by someone else that stable is more up-to-date now than experimental and was coming back to mark this issue as redundant. I hadn't played for a week and assumed that experimental was still the most up-to-date, hadn't realised that they'd patched the stable version ahead of the experimental. I figured experimental was always going to be a few patches ahead! Now I know better.
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