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How about a general upgrade/overhaul to the HUB as soon as it reaches Tier 1?
The Idea would be having the option for the player to rearrange certain characteristics of the HUB as he pleases, for example:
Removing one of the two (or eve both) biomass-generators to swap them out for something more useful, as they do get superflous as you unlock coal-generators.
Bear in mind, I do not have all the ideas, with what construction you could swap them, but one would be an additional rack for personal storage boxes, maybe giving the player a 3 or 4 additional boxes placed over one another (ofc not without some cost to it, maybe a seperate tier for HUB-changes).

Ideas so far:
-Additional Storage racks
-Local Radar Dish - credit @ InspireMe7
-Alternate generator types
-Local Equipment workshop - credit @ Easparte
-Smart-Grid (An energy Substation, giving more information when connected)

Possible Idea for more variety:
Upgrading each module to be more efficient or just be better at what they're supposed to do. E.g: having the above mentioned radar dish installed ad being able to upgrade it to Tier 2, giving it effectively - let's say - double the range.

If this idea intruiges you, let me know what you think and if you have ideas for other modules you can place instead of the generators, tell me in the comments and I'll add them with your credits attached!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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doesnt sound completely necessery, if you just make a storage your problem is fixed.

But i also used to make alot of storage boxes next to the hub as it functions as the center of the factory, at least for me, until i have a storage building so i think i see where u are comming from and i think it would be a nice quality of life thing to just change those biofuel generators later into storage or maybe a workshop?
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The storage boxes were only one idea, although I see that they might get a bit redundant, after one has created a storage. Although, I (personally) use the PSBs (Personal Storage Boxes) for more scarce resources, such as power shards, equipment, WIP-items or collectible fruit and mycilia. Creating a storage for these items seems a bit overkill to me, as the player will not gather too many of those resources.
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I like the idea Bacon.

Anything that makes the HUB feel more like a real HUB for activity, I'd be for. Being able examine and/or control facility processes from the computers beside the M.A.M has been discussed and would also be a welcome addition to the HUB.
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I'd really like to be able to get rid of the biomass burners - or at least be able to turn them off properly without them flashing red.
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They could replace it by the equipment workshop ( I do ask myself sometimes as to why it is not included in the hub or not buildable on or in the hub like the MAM lab ).

Appart from storage boxes or the workshop, I don't have any other ideas since that's the only things that do not take a large amount of space and are necessary (the workshop is, the boxes only for me or you because I find the storage too useless concerning the place tehy take)

Also it would be good to be able to have upgraded storage boxes the same way as the industrial storages.
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I think it would be nice to have the first Radar beeing the Hub as it is the starting point of the Game, and it gives u the feeling of reaching a next step. ( U would unlock the Radar after u researched the  Quartz update that unlocks the explorer etc)
Maybe later there could be more tiny upgrades on the Hub depending what else we get. Maybe a workshop?

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Overall i like the idea. We playing the Game in Multiplayer.

At the Moment We placing the Hub and around several equipment workshops, workbenches. One workbench is sometimes not enough and a equipment workshop is also needed (earlier or later on)

Hower, the "walking platform" of the hub is annoying/disturbing in this case.

Moreover, the Biomass powergenerators are definitely not used anymore up from Tier 4.   

But, im fully against the efficiency increasing. This is against the core game Elements. Exploring and Automation.
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Depends, when you have better generators, having the option to increase their efficiency wouldn't hinder the core gameplay and actually make them viable.
Not every module has to be able to be upgraded as well, maybe only generators and storage upgrades, adding a MAM-Extention already is an upgrade by itself and the radar dish can be relatively small OR maybe give "nearby" radar towers an additional boost to their range.
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