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An easy way to improve the hotbar situation (not enough buttons, no pipette option) without complicating the interface would be implementing a possibility to assign item categories instead of specific items to a hotbar key and then cycling through them by repeatedly pressing the associated button.

For example, you bind the "constructor/assember/manufacturer" category to the number 3. When you then press 3, the constructor is selected and can be placed. Immediately pressing the button again would select the assembler, then the manufacturer, then the constructor again.

Optionally, the first press could instead start with the item last selected instead of the first in the category. If you last placed a MK2 belt, pressing the button would select the MK2 first, then 3, 4, 5, 1, 2... (skipping the ones not researched of course)

Also, this possibility does not exclude just assigning a specific item - adding an option in the build interface to specify category/item would solve this.

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How about having a switch hotbar button (X)?
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yes, switchbar buttons are way better :)
i hope they implement this soon, would safe lots of time when building.
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I love the idea especially for th epower grid, I don't need 7 or 10 slots when it's the middle of nowhere because I'm linking a miner to my base but in my base only using 4 slots poles just make it messy and I need the 4th type, the 7th/10th type (didn't research 10th type but I'm not the only player) so the idea of a category wheel is welcome for me at least.

The reasoning can be applied to anything (convoeyer belts, power poles, miners, power generators, ...)
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