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Game Freezes and has to be stopped using the Task Manager. The last save is going to be loaded on the next start.

I was building a train station and was not quite sure about the directions to place the train stations in. This lead to me building and removing stations and fright platforms which led to the freeze.

How to reproduce:
To be able to explain it i am using the directions LEFT and RIGHT to indicate in which direction the train goes.

  1. place a train station going LEFT. (Further referenced as A)
  2. place a train station going RIGHT on the right side of the first train station (further referenced as B). The side shouldn't matter but I include it anyway. Placement by looking at train station A.
  3. remove the train station A.
  4. place a fright platform where the train station A was. Placement by looking at train station B (further referenced as C).
  5. remove the train station B.
  6. place a fright platform where the train station B was (further referenced as D). Placement by looking at fright platform C.
  7. place a train station going RIGHT (further referenced as E) (same as the fright platforms) 2 platforms away from the fright platform D. That way there is enough space for another fright platform but do not place that fright platform yet.
  8. place a fright platform in the space between D and E. Placement by looking at train station E.
  9. See the game freeze as soon as this last fright platform is placed.

My guess:
Placing the train stations A and B in different directions seems to have changed some value on the fright platforms so that it is different than when those are placed directly (does not cause the freeze). Without the train stations in opposite directions (A and B) this freeze does not seem to happen. I think the code to combine parts of a train station fails when this case happens.


Part of the log file:
[2019.07.14-09.00.41:270][892]LogRailroad: INVALID CONNECTION ESTABLISHED: Rebuilding the platform connection directions.
[2019.07.14-09.00.41:270][892]LogStreaming: Display: Flushing async loaders.
[2019.07.14-09.00.41:272][892]LogRailroad: AddTrackToGraph, add 'Build_RailroadTrackIntegrated_C_15' to graph '17'.
[2019.07.14-09.00.41:272][892]LogRailroad: MergeTrackGraphs, moving 3 tracks from graph '19' to graph '17'.
[2019.07.14-09.00.41:276][892]LogRailroad: Tick, rebuilding 1 track graphs.
[2019.07.14-09.00.41:276][892]LogRailroad: Tick, rebuilding graph '19' with 0 tracks.
[2019.07.14-09.00.41:276][892]LogRailroad: RemoveTrackGraph, removed graph '19'.
[2019.07.14-09.00.41:276][892]LogRailroad: Tick, track graphs have changed.
[2019.07.14-09.00.41:276][892]LogRailroad: Tick, updating station 'Stenstorp', Track: 19 to 17

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