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I hope in the next 10 years we are able to have easy multiplayer options! :)

Make a game which is easy to play multiplayer...
Like it's a fnk Marathon to get connected in this one.

Try ask someone from 2004 how to make a multiplayer game. They might have some suggestions.

fyi: I have made the changes in the Windows firewall, tried all the fnk ports and even disabled all my firewalls to try connect to my "friends".
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Sadly this fix does not work for everyone.....like me and my co-op buddies. We have tried every offered solution and still major and minor issues come up no matter who is hosting and what not. We deal with it the best we can and still enjoy....but I guess yall didnt see the video posted from CoffeeStain this is their summer break time. So most of their office is empty this time of year, according to the video. So maybe give them some time after summer break before you break out the torches and pitchforks to march down Main Street.

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If all you're going to do is insult and attack the developers and their hard work.. why are you even here?
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Here!  Here!  I completely agree with you.  It may take a second or two, but it shouldn't take anything longer than 15 minutes to setup including firewall setup on router firewall and computer firewall.  If it is, something strange is happening outside of the game as it took seconds for my buddy and I to connect (both of swapping as server).
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I played this Game since Release in Multiplayer with Friends.  We needed 1 min to setup the first Multiplayer Session.

Sure, there were some performance issues, if you Build up a giga Factory.  But, after 10 min use of google. We increased the Performance, so that the Game runs again well in MP. And the latest Patches also increased the MP well  

I think you talking about the latest bug with TBD NAT. Please use Google before complaing.  Its an Early Access Game, such bugs are normal.  The Solution is to toggle "send Gameplay Data On/Off " (off> Save settings >on >Save settings) in the gameplay options.

We needed 5 min to find this Workaround. Cheers
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