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i haven't found much use for beacons as they are now. one reason is that they are visible at any range on the compass thus using too many will totally clutter the compass and render it unusable. on the other hand as the map currently does not show any buildings or tracks the use of beacons would be great to visualize your factory layout on the map.

so what is needed are an extended beacon UI on direct interaction and later remotely when in range of a radar tower with the following options:

  • max display range (for engineers compass): a slider to adjust the range. if the engineer is further away then the maximum beacon range it won't be shown on the compass when looking in its direction.
  • display distance: true or false. when set to true displays the distance towards the beacon in the compass, same as scanned ore deposits. 
  • icon: the icon should be changeable to any in game item icon. for example i would like to mark my computer factory with a beacon and give it a compute icon.
  • min display range: same as the max range. useful if you want to mark an area, not a specific point. 
  • show as area name: true of false. when true and the engineer is within the min range of a beacon this option would show the beacon name as area/location name just below the compass.
  • HUD display: true of false. shows the name of the beacon also in HUD, similar as it does with other players. 

additionally after radar towers become available beacons should be able to be edited remotely. these options should also be made available to all vehicles (since they require beacons for their construction). for example i have lot an explorer that drove over a cliff and would like to disable it from being shown. i also have multiple explorers so it would be nice to see to only see the one in the current area, not those at the other side of the map (which i cannot distinguish in the compass and tend to run the wrong way until i realize my fault).

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I just came on here to see if someone posted about beacons and distance.  Beat me to it.

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Beat me aswell to the distance :)
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