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Unknown as to what the trigger is (I believe it is due to using multiple switches in a rail system with multiple trains), but Locomotives get detached from their freight cars but act as if they're still attached, sharing acceleration and speed of the parent locomotive even though said locomotive is in an entirely different location.

Video below demonstrating the issue:


If the locomotive has stopped at a station, the freight platforms do successfully unload / load the freight cars, even when they're not physically present at the station.

To me, this seems like just a visual bug or a logic bug with how freight cars are split down rails, not following their parent locomotives. Functionally, the trains still work, it's just visually  broken / hilarious (ghost trains anyone?)
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Solution 3 = Add Train Signals :)
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My solution (workaround) has been to add a station before my switches to reduce the time another train has to control the switch. Or, to place switches as close after stations as I can.
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so same problem my solution would be tor trains to obay collision laws and add signaling.... so if train a can't enter the switch till train b is out of the block with the switch i ithink this would solve the problem....
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Got the exact same issue.
Here is a duplicate post with less comments
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same issue. All of my  freight cars detach from locomotive and from nearest. I have a many splitters on railroads and station nearest it.
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