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How about adding a Grappling Hook to the Game, just to Climb Mountains more effective and jump from island to island
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Only just occoured to me this would be an awsome way to get around the map and get to high places. Some people have said that is what the Jetpack is for but I find the thing underwhelming in terms of exploration and cumbersome.

A recipie could involve a rebar gun + advanced motor + stuff, ammo for it could involve yet more motors, cable, nobelisk + stuff. A 1 ammo capacity gun that has a reasonable reload speed. Simliar to jumping velocity should just be maintained but the rope can be cut early (that possibly adds a jumps worth of upward momentum at cut point to climb ledges?). To 'swing' from point to point should require a reload between swings to keep the experience highly visceral. It would make for a perfect end-game tool and probably add a subection of gameplay for spiderman parkouring. Range should possibly be same as all other tools, so about 120m if I've noticed that correctly. Flight speed I am unsure of but I think aproximatly 70 km/s should be about a good point? Maybe second click on the mouse accelerates the pull.
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I would love this with momentum conservation similar to titanfall

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That would be fun at least +1
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