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I do not think I saw anything really useful (I mean that nobodies really knows if it will be used the way they think or the way it was used before) concerning the WIP artifact.

So, I want to give some of my ideas. At least it will make me feel better.

For the mercer sphere, I would love to see it in some teleporter item, since it's create gravitationnal radiations, it could be like opening a black hole but you know where you will go or just a real thing to build in you base and linked to the power grid, at least it would help a lot when you have 2 or more bases and to add, replace, ... mining building at the end of the world.

For the somersloop, a new power source maybe like in Iron Man when he discovered the new element which is limitless in term of energy if I remember well (else sorry it's been a while I did saw the film so don't judge me please). It could also go for new weapons based on this energy.

Well, that's my ideas concerning those 2 items that are useless for now (I have yet to unlock tier 7 & 8 so maybe then but for what I saw that's a no).

Your game is awesome, thanks for your hard work.
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