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I'm not sure if it has been said in the suggestion box, but I would love to have a terrarium. The ability to plant the fruit/nut bearing plants, plant mycelia, or plant bacon. The terrarium could also be used to grow your own native species. 

This opens up things like:

  • Finding egg sacks of the insect like creatures.
  • Finding children of the beat like creatures.
  • Finding seeds of the poison spraying plants.
  • A tranquilizer gun and/or net gun to capture the animals.
  • Farms that are close to home.
  • Turning aggressive fauna non-aggressive through new milestones that require eggs, animal matter, scanned data of contained animals, seeds, poison gas canisters, etc.
  • Guard "dogs" of sorts would be fun but probably a lot of work.
  • Poison gas farming could also lead to new weapons or defenses.
  • Poison gas farming could also lead to the ability to disperse large areas of poison gas for a limited time via some sort of built/place air purifier. 
  • Poison gas farming could also allow traversal of a new swamp biome.
  • Grow power slugs even.
  • Obtaining water as a resource to grow plants or feed animals.
  • A new gun that sucks up water into the players pocket dimension. 

A terrarium would open up a lot of new paths. There could be 2-3 smaller versions (edible plants, animal, gas plant) or something large like the space elevator that has 5 individual slots of sorts. Collection could either be through manual labor or a small storage box located on the terrarium model. 

closed with the note: The suggestion appears to be disliked. I don't know why, as nobody commented as such. I just dont care to leave it open if it's just going to continue to garner negative reviews.
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You could then study the things in the terrariums to learn more.
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