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I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but it happened to me twice in a row and had to spend about 20 minutes cleaning all the conveyor belts of all my junk that I had on my Explorer that got unloaded when I accidentally crossed into an unloading zone at the truck station.

So the idea is to have a check box that reads "REFUEL ONLY" in the vehicle tab. This will prevent your vehicle from being accidentally unloaded or loaded but will refuel it if you've had fuel available at that truck station.
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Perhaps a better option would be for truck stations to not start loading/unloading until a vehicle comes to a stop - doesn't really make sense it grabbing things while you're moving at speed.
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I do agree that truck stations should only load or unload when the vehicle is completely stopped because I've had some incidents where a truck ended up unloading at the wrong station and it's a pain having to clean up the mess they leave behind.
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I have built several truck stations for refueling only. I set them to "Load" but their inventory is empty. This works great when I my fuel is in the middle of the path and not at either end.

I do think it would make sense for the station to only work when the vehicle is stopped, but its been convenient ATM because I cant edit or add to the vehicle path without redoing the whole thing.
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