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I manually searched for this one as I do strange things sometimes, but I couldn't find it.

The suggestion/question:  Could you add either a way to be inside of the cab in the train or have maybe a caboose that someone could ride in?  I would love to be able to have a multiplayer train. 

What made you think of this nutty idea?: I have kids and made a train that is more of a scenery train.  They sit at my desk and ride the train around like a roller coaster.  It does the normal hauling, but while controlling it, you take a trip around the island(?) and it takes quite a while to get home.

Bonus idea: passive riding in train to check track/programming

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@Katra: Nope, that does not work now. Doing so is like handing a shaky cam, maybe because of the continuous re-positioning of the player to move together with the train and keep pos.

Moreover standing on an empty car is definitely NOT a front view. You would surely not want to look at the rear end of the loco or the freight car in front of you, won't you?
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Actually tried that.  I rode it until the first hard turn and it threw me off.  :)
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Thanks for the heads up on the previous request as I didn't find it in my initial search.
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There should be a waggon for the train like the freight car just for players
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Maybe also for vehicles like the explorer
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