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I'm here because it's been a few times already I thought : "Why do I need so much to do this ?"

I'm at tier 6 but I will try to enumerate all the recipes that bother me and why they bother me so be prepared to read (if you just want the list the name are in this typo) and don't hesitate to add some in commentary if it's not in the list or do say why you do not agree.(I will not talk about alternative recipe here)

1. The rotor. I have already saw what inside a motor powered with electricity be it stator-rotor or permanent magnet-rotor so here is my question where are the wires in the rotor and why using screw ?

2. In the same line, the motor why 2 of each ? A motor is 1 stator, 1 rotor not 2 nor 3, only 1.

3. The reinforced modular frame or heavy modular frame. Why do I need 5 modular frame for that ? I do think I reinforce 1 moduar to have 1 heavy modular frame so where are the other 4 ?

4. The super computer. It's 1 computer so why do I need 2 of them to make it ?

5. The crystal oscillator. Why 4 Reinforced iron plate ? I'm not crafting a nobelisk here, but just a small oscillator made whith quartz so I don't see the need to make it so hard iron plate should be enough.

6. The radio control unit. 1 computer seriously ? when did a radio worked with a full computer inside it, I would understand if it was circuit board or high speed circuit board but a computer might be overkill.

7. The turbo motor. Same problem as the heavy modular frame, 1 for 1 not 2 for one.

8. The electromagnetic control road. Why A.I. limiter ? It's to limit the development of A.I. not anything else.

9. The xenobasher. Again 2 for 1.

10. Rifle Mk.2. Refer to 9.

11. The whole car craft. Rotor for the first availabe (10 at that). 5 motors for the explorer, since I can go to 90-100km/h max on flat ground with 5 MOTORS only 90km/h are they toy mortors ? 8 for the truck... And I don't talk about the other materials.

I only talked about vehicles and craftables but not about building since I do not mass product building. I also understand that at time almost all the production will be automated but in early stage power needs are what limit the production and automatization so I do most of the heavy work by hand. That's why I posted that suggestion.

Don't down grade it without giving a commentary or an answer please since the goal here is for to know if you agree or not and why to see if I'm strange or if that's I'm not an isolated case.

I still do enjoy the game very much and am grateful for the hard work of the devs.


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Recipes aren't supposed to "make sense".

They're tuned for "fun", "difficulty" and "complexity". Not for realism.

So it doesn't bother you that the obviously metallic foundations (They even rust) are made out of 6 bags of cement and nothing else?
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Well after thinking a bit, it's more  the number in generals that bother me in fact.
Like for the last tier 1000 heavy modular frame made me cry after the 500 modular frame.
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I have to admit that the 1,000 item requests finally got me to start automating stuff.  I could make things faster manually, but the automated systems filled those orders while I was sleeping.  I suspect that is the reason those item requests are so large. Automate!
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Indeed. The fact it is so easy to manually make everything is my personal annoyance.

Why do I need to automate turbo motors. When  I can manually make them MUCH faster. (With a simple weight on the mouse button)?

It would have made more sense if manual was much slower than it is now and/or make it impossible to cheese it with a weight on a button.

There's really only a few things that would make not much sense as automated parts.  Such as the slugs and inhalers because hou want automaten the inputs anyway.
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P.s. tier 8 probably needs 5000 of a couples items.
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A motors is  1 stator, 1 rotor. Not 2, Nor 3, always 1.

Behold! The blasphemous abomination.

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Your using for a tesla tower ?
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The above image is the axle and stator a standard twin stator, common rotor electromotor.
This is a fairly common configuration in vehicles because it provides a more smooth (the stators have a half phase/step difference) performance at the same torque of a single (but double width) stator.
The disadvantage is complexity/cost.

You can also find a stator-rotor-stator configuration in so called "pancake" motors which are often used in after market e-bike conversion kits.

Motors with multiple rotors and/or stator are a LOT more common than you would expect. Although granted their use cases are fairly niche.
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I also want to see some recipe changes for more realism.  Far more as you stated. However, i wouldn't make the Game less complex.

But i Think, scienceguy makes the Point here. These recepts made for gamebalancing. I Hope there will be mods in the Future. Cheers
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As said it's about Game balance mainly.

Take black powder.  Coal and sulphur... Emm no that's just fuel that can't explode... it kinda needs the oxidizer (potassium nitrate) as well.

NOW you would need a source of that...
AND it no longer can be made in an assembler but needs a manufacturer.

More realistic? Yes.
More fun? Debatable. Depends how hard your realism OCD is :-)

Then we get to the issue that...  only 4 parts in a supercomputer? It obviously going to need more.  Now we need a megamanufacturer with 8 inputs...
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The way I see it, there are motors of all sizes in real life. In game terms, it's much easier to abstract that by requiring multiple then it would be to have a different one for each and every applications. The same applies to just about everything else in this game. The numbers are an abstraction of material requirements and nothing else.
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Could we not talk only about the mortor part x) since it was one of the things I did found strange but now that you have explained it to me well at least it will not bother me in term of realism.

The main point was that sometimes I feel like I need too much ressources especially the screw to do 150 motor and 75 heavy modular frame I need more than 30K screw and and so my double industrial storage of iron rode disapear in 20 min (doing it by hand)

So yes i do understand the need to automate all the production but for now I don't have the power grid to do so and I might not have enough place so I will have to finally build a real base with floor and apart from taking time, I will be unable to let my factory do it since it's the factory I'm remodeling.

I might have not been prepared enough.
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