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I have been playing Co-op with my friend recently and it is pretty much unplayable. The hosting player will lag and stutter constantly.

But the real issue is the connecting player. The connected player has build glitches where the built item will not show on screen for that player but the game says it is there but cant build apon it. The host player is able to see it but I have to delete it and rebuild it before the connected player can see it. The connected player has issues with pulling up the scanner, build device, deconstruct device and such. The connected player can not drive any vehicles, including trains now, due to it constantly glitching around. The trains will tell the connected player there is no power but it still moves jumping and glitching all over the place. We set up stations and track and then went to drive the train and neither one of us can without it jumping 10 feet down the track due to sync issues. If a player dies while in co-op the body of the player just stands there in the "T" pose and nothing can be done. Also on our co-op save if I load the game, even if the other player isnt connected, it shows that player model just standing there. I have tried most of fixes i have seen like turning off "send data" adjusting the network speed setting, trying hardwire internet over wifi. But no solution has been found. We even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. We play co-op with other games and never have this issue so I'm pretty sure its not our networks or laptops. We have quite the speedy internet speeds at our houses so it shouldn't be that.

Hopefully there is an answer that works for the time being until it is fixed fully down the road.....we love this game to the max and it completely limits the co-op enjoyment that this game is capable of during this early access period. I see youtubers with flawless coop connections but they haven't encountered issues. Wondering whats different about their connections.
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It's annoying but there isn't much you can do about it.

Me and my mates have this problem all the time, most of it's caused by the other person building things and as your walk into render range the sparks and particles from it being built cause a bit of jittering on the hosts end.

I've found some issues myself with CPU bottlenecks but that's due to an issue with the Ryzen 3 CPUs.

When your playing next check to see if your CPU is maxing out, as multiplayer puts a bit more load on your end as your end up doing a chunk of the processing for both clients.
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Yeah we have the same issue too....I call them rando fireworks. But we still play and deal with it, I just get to have the fun in the ground vehicles being the save game holder and host.

I will watch my CPU usage next time we are playing. Thanks.
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Flukesniper, exactly what me and my friends are experiencing.
Noticed that the issue came after the latest biggest update. So we'll just have to wait and see when it's getting fixed. But must admit that i've been frustrated many times trying to dismantle, go into building menu, crafting bench and so on.

But we just save and restarts the game and it runs OK for a while. When it happens again, we restart again or even just close it for the day :)

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Just gotta wait I suppose.
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Seriously ! People expecting here like the game must work 100%


Wait till next year, when the game will be finished, then you can complain !!

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Why don't you calm down there. Simply asking if anyone had found a solution isn't exactly complaining.....ask a questuon, community answers if there are answers and the world turns on. I never once said the game sucked or I was gonna quit if it isnt fixed....calm yourself. If you dont have an answer please refrain from being toxic and move on. And im pretty sure most know its early access....since ya know....its in the name and all.....thanks for the big red letters.
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You're playing a beta early access game with many bugs and currently multiplayer is very buggy. Everyone knows multiplayer is buggy at the moment. The developers know multiplayer is buggy at the moment. They're working on trying to fix the game to the best of their ability. Sit back and wait. Complaining on the Q&A forums isn't going to fix multiplayer. There is no work around and there is no solution. You have to just deal with it for now.

Apparently you don't seem to understand what "Beta" and "Early Access" means. It's an unfinished game and many many many bugs will exist until it reaches final release later.
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Yall are missing the meaning of my post......a simple fix that worked for someone else maybe or just a reccomended option....i love the game and im not bashing it by any means....i understand it is early release and other players have the same issues. You guys need to heave the words of Thumper in Bambi.....
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For some people multiplayer just works. Some people it doesn't work. No one knows why it works for some people but not others. Apparently it's a "roll of the dice" if you get lucky enough to have multiplayer working or not. You are unlucky to be in the group where it doesn't work. We can only hope that some day they will fix it so it works correctly. Until then, we wait. Unfortunately for you there's nothing you can do. There is no magical fix at the moment. We all just have to wait on the developer to fix their net code so multiplayer works.
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