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I just lost my entire inventory due to investigating uranium. I ran up and tried to mine it due to me being a complete moron and now my entire inventory is irradiated and I can't get it back (Keep in mind I was saving up for space elevator). There should be a way to remove radiation from items in the early game to prevent stuff like this from happening

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The flashing warning symbol on your screen when you stood on the node should of been enough warning before you ever tried to mine it. Do you some how not know what the radiation warning symbol in real life means? If you ignored the warning symbol and mined it anyway then that's your fault.
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Some nodes don't give the radiation warning.
Can walk right up to them with no ill effect, only when you mine/pick them do they give off radiation.
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I've been to all the nodes in the game currently as of last week they all gave off radiation when walking over them on foot. The actual big green "random appearances through out the world map" do not though. But the actual minable nodes, they always do.
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You should be able to loot your body using a healing item or two just don't pick up the uranium ore that was on it. so can't use the pick up all option :( or if not that long you could just back up to an earlier save right before you mined the uranium it saves every few mins prolly only lose the RUN to the vein nothing of real importance
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P.s. I picked it up before they added the radiation damage warnings and it only did damage after it was removed from the vein and started dying looked around at what was hitting me couldn't figure it out and died then restarted the save and realized it was the uranium that killed me
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