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While in game, my pointer works fluidly. I have trouble clicking with either button in some places, and may have to move the pointer several dozen pixels to get it to accept clicks. I updated my vid drivers in the same session as I got 102023 client ver. I have removed and done a clean install on the drivers for vid and mouse, and have verified the game files. Mouse works fine in all other cases/games/apps
Radeon RX570 @8GB
Ryzen 3 1300x
Win10 pro
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Same problem with clicking. Just asked on discord few minutes ago.
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If you dont mind me asking, do you have a similar HW config as mine? Trying to narrow this down.
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Intel Core i5-6300HQ up to 3.2GHz
WIN 10

It was working for me fine, 250 hours on same map and it just started.
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200+ for me. I even started a new map, to see if it was save related. Same problem
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I may have stumbled on a workaround. I changed my in game screen resolution, and have not noticed the dead areas for the mouse since. It brought about some other anomalies, like reducing the sizes of my maximized window panes on the main monitor. I can live with that pretty easy, tho
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