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We got several pieces of equipment we wanna equip at once.  We want the ability to hover in mid air to construct crap at odd angles and we want the ability to do that for reasonable lengths of time(negotiable).  In factorio, you got modular armor or power armor, which allowed you to hold more and more equipment, including stuff like blade runners, and night vision, a personal energy shield, and a miniature fusion reactor. If we had that, i think we could justify flying for like... 2 minutes at a time? As well as provide the opportunity to equip the equivalent of the jetpack, the gas mask, the blade runners and maybe even the hazmat suit, all at the same time.  It would be a super endgame achievement.  Basically a quality of life improvement for those who have entered the "purely creative" part of the game, and perhaps a progression from a basic exosuit which you develop over time from just helping you, to becoming that power armor which lets you build at your leisure.  

And by the way, if you are cooking this up, i understand it might only be available in tier 8 or beyond.

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You want these things, there is no "We". Most likely not everyone will want what you want. You might want to correct your wording there.
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No.  No i don't want to correct my wording here.  Okay.  Are you a satisfactory dev? Do the devs ever read this stuff?  Because my question is to them.
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When you use "We" above, you are inferring that the entire Satisfactory community at large wants the things you described above. I certain do -NOT- want -ANYTHING- you posted up there. You can't speak for all of us. Speak only for yourself. Exactly who do you think you are that you can presume to speak for all of us.
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Uh huh.  Now, do the devs ever read this stuff, because my question is to them.
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He's using the royalty form of "we"... obviously... :-)
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I want it too. And it will be optional like those "op" guns some ppl are complaining about.
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