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Place add a new kind of walls and foundation that can stop radiation, so you could have non-radiation belts becouse you've built a coridor for it. Also you could build a shalter for toxic waste.
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Walls - stop poison
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My suggestion: Encased Industrial Beams + Alclad sheets, or maybe HMF + Alclad.
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I agree, something should be added to at least dampen the radiation. Creating a large nuclear facility made me build it out of the way and hide the waste in that cave. I'd have done a different design if there was a way to build like lead lined containers or using walls/foundations. After I finished everything became to radioactive to go back into without a suit and filters. Which isn't a big issue. Since I already saw someone build a large nuclear factory I knew to keep everything out of the way and make it it's own standalone factory.
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Yeah nice idea.  Make it expensive, maybe make use of rare elements, but yep - please givf walls with shielding / lead lined.

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given that radiation is often shielded in this way in reality it is a very reasonable suggestion. it also makes sense gameplay wise. thick concrete walls do usually the trick but often heavier atoms are also mixed in improve gamma ray absorption - justifying a new foundation type for it requiring an additional resource to build other then concrete. given that the walls should realistically be quite thick they would basically become half or quarter foundations.

i also support walls sheltering from toxic gases - albeit it's more difficult as gas can move around. how do you check if you have no holes in your wall construction through which gas could leak in? gas calculations are quite tricky to implement.

so maybe toxic protection should be implemented in another fashion: big fan buildings. as long as they are powered up they disperse all toxic gases in the area. would also add a little something in terms of gameplay.
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I believe that they use a simple volume for the poison area as the thing creating them are static. it a vertical cylinder so they would have to change this for it to work.
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would be cool to see Lead introduced as another resource and this would be a perfect use.
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Lower tech charcoal infused wall to block poison would be cool
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Maybe some Kind of "airwall" which holds back toxic gas @Killtech
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Spider can create the poison area in any place))
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I agree we need something to combat radiation with and adding new foundations / walls sounds like one way to do it but I think there is also another way.

Perhaps it would make sense to add some sort of shielding for the containers? Like adding new lead reinforced container that would not necessarily block all the radiation but at least greatly reduce it's effects?

And in terms of long range transport we could maybe get lead reinforced cargo cars that would again greatly reduce the effect of radiation so you don't get sudden radiation attacks everytime a train with uranium goes somewhere around you.

I know lead is not in the game, but you get the idea.

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