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This is rather a question, as I'm not certain how this should work:

Step to reproduce:

- put on your hazmat suit

- take some uranium ore to your inventory (could sound crazy, but necessary if you want to reach some milestones for alternate recipes) -> radiation bar jumps to its max and your iodine filters are beginning to get consumed

- open the inventory of your explorer and put the ore into it. Radiation bar is still on.

- get in the explorer -> radiation bar is still on, but consuming filters stops

- drive to the hub "safely"

- unload the ore -> as soon as you take the uranium again, your filter consumption continues fast, until you finally get rid of your burden (ie. putting it into the hub for alternative recipes)

It might seem fine to stop filter consumption when driving a car, that carries some radioactive material, because otherwise you would run out of filters veeery quickly, and never would reach your destination. :)

On the other hand it is a bit contradictory. Are all vehicles shaded against radioactivity? If yes, radiation bar should be set to minimum / disappear. If no, filter consumption should continue even when riding (but a bit slower maybe?)

I'm not speaking against myself, as I do not know if this is intentional or not.

I'm raising this issue because for a non-professional it suggests that the vehicles protect you, though you'd better keep you hazmat suit on.

I did not try but what would happen if I just took of my hazmat suit and drove my explorer full of radioactive material "naked"? I'd die soon? Why? Does it protect me or not then?

Generally: what is the use of filters? Radioactivity is not consumed as food, through your mouth, rather is a constant condition.

Simply said: if you have your hazmat suit on AND there are any radioactive objects nearby, filters should be consumed, no matter where those objects are. I agree this would ruin the game a bit, or at least would make it more difficult to play but this could be counterbalanced by slower filter consumption. The closer you were to a radiation source the faster your filters would get consumed. In this case a vehicle shield or a protecting wall (if there were any) would have meaning by introducing some multipliers in consumption speed.

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Generally: what is the use of filters? Radioactivity is not consumed as food, through your mouth, rather is a constant condition.

totally not.

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Terrible idea. The game is perfectly fine as it is currently in relation to hazmat suits and radiation.
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