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Well i started a new Map with the latest Experimental build and i realised that some resources and Areas are blocked by Poison Gas to actually stop players going there before researching Gas Masks right?

Now i saw 2 Problems with that in its current state:

1. In some cases its really easy to build around those Areas and just go in before u have gas masks. (felt a bit like cheating but i was just using foundaitons and the ladder that is on the belt stacker)

2. You can literally just walk through the Gas if u consume enough Health items!

So i think it would be reasonable to make Gas actually stronger. If im not supposed to be in that Area before Gas masks so be it. Here are some ideas:

- Maybe make it that when u enter the gas the Character starts coughing and backing off (while taking some damage?)
-definately slow the characer when inside of the gas. Imagine how you feel when u breath gas, weak, light headed, maybe your lungs hurt, maybe u get dizzy? ( i guess i never actually inhaled poison gas so far..)
-maybe getting unconscious or starting to faint with a warning, if the player keeps going he gets unconscious and dies
- if u breath in poison u keep getting damaged until you die
( i think in this case the Voice that explains how everything works ( Ada ) should tell u with her sarcastic voice some funny quote like: dont inhale gas its dangerous, we dont like ficsit property to take lethal damage, replacements are expensive.)

Of cause those are just some suggestions and some brain storming. Please keep in mind that i only are suggesting stronger Gas, if the case is that we are really not supposed to go into those Areas before we have Gas masks. A little bit like we are not able to work with Uranium until we have the Hazmat Suit.

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You should try the "Death Valley", even better, build your HUB inside it: https://i.imgur.com/FTsmF86.jpg

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It's strong enough to kill you in seconds as is. And you want it stronger? Are you a masochist?
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i think you guys are missing my point. The whole argumentation is based on the thought that Gas is supposed to block you from specific Areas until u reach a specific Milestone. It doesnt do that right now.

Also we have Immunity with Gas Masks, where is the Problem?

And in my personal Opinion whats the deal with making a Game a little bit more Challenging, alot of Games are really easy nowadays anyway.
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