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Hi All,

Just a quick suggestion.

Currently i find myself using the Q build menu a lot, which is a fantastic tool. However, a lot of my building is simply copying what i have next to it (I.E flooring/smelters etc).

I had an idea, we use the middle mouse for nothing currently (or i don't at least) could that be made into a "copy" button that selects the schematic of the building you are looking to quick build or "copy"?

It would make expansion a heck of a lot easier without having to constantly change my hot-bar!

let me know what you think,


Amateur Factory Builder

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He means a Pipette-Feature. Schematics and Blueprint are a hole other topic.

Just point with the mouse on the item you want to build press "P" or "." or Middle Mouse as he suggested (better make is assignable under Options>Controls) and you get the item to build as you would have by going through the build menu first.

It's actually very simple, very easy, very fast and efficient build method, especially since we repeat the same pattern often. Almost every build game introcues this kind of feature and it's mostly very well received and more used than the build menu selections.

EDIT: Okay I'm sick of repeating myself. It's the third time I commented a suggestion similar to this and writing a hole suggestion into a comment. I now make my own and just relink.

EDIT 2: Here you have it: https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/26604/pipette-feature-point-and-copy-feature
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