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Latest update introduced truck stations on the map but also gives you information on the status of the stations inventory. That's great and all but it also displays the stations on the compass that is a bit too much because of all the stations that I have set up.

It would be great if there was a way to turn off things that we don't want to see on the map and compass. Perhaps having a small box on the bottom left side of the map with all the different icons like the truck station, that we could click on to gray them out, so they won't display on the map or compass.

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There is already the option to enable/disable icon groups from the compass as well to show/hide things on the map itself
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Yes but this was posted on the 18th and they rolled back that update after noticing that it didn't have that option to disable/enable.

The info on the truck station showing the current inventory is nice but I notice that the train station doesn't show the Freight platforms inventory.
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Yep. you right.
However, showing on the map all freight platforms inventory or just even icons would be a huge mess... consider stations having 10 platforms each... add multiple trains and routes... it would need a dedicated map to say the least...
Well, maybe there is an "elegant" way to address and implement this but... looking at the state of things right now I think we're a little far from it, imho.
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