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It is really annoying to connect a row of splitters/mergers.
The conveyer lifts are auto-connecting to near snap points. Please add this system to all buildings, so it is not necessary to build tons of 1m conveyers.

Here an example: https://satisgraphtory.com/#OHZ2bTE%3D
I want to avoid conveyers <1m (From merger/splitter from/to buildings)

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But why would you want to have the splitter attached to the constructor or whatever...
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The reason most frequently given in the other identical requests is that the miners can mine faster than a single belt can take things away.
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Here an example:

I want to build many buildings in a row. on both sides are a row of mergers/splitters. Connecting them all is just boring and hard because the conveyers' snap only at one point of view
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Probably. Which is reason enough to not allow it.

That and I don't  want splitters to auto connect to something near with no means to  turn it off
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How about making only buildings auto-connect if something is directly in front of the slot?
splitters and merges can be unchanged.
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