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So, the first few hours we were amazed by the beauty of our surroundings. But after that you've already seen it all.

It would be awesome to add more variety to plants, colours, animals and such. Maybe have a scanner to scan those and get more information about it.

(How about adding a Collection book?)

Edit: Seems like I didn't explain it clear enough. There's perhaps 10 different kinds of aliens on that planet. There are no birds, except for the ones flying with those mantas. Theres a few small animals but that's about it. There are alot of re-used assets that gets boring after a long while. There's nothing new to see after only a few hours.
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I don't know I found the jungle biome quite interesting

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I don't know how much have explored, but there are so many different things. I've been exploring plains, forests, caves and climbing the mountains for a decent time now and I'm still not sure if I found everything there is. But I agree that we should be able to scan everything, maybe also with a handheld scanner or a mobile M.A.M-vehicle for ease.
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Exactly, you can Discover more and more every step. There are even easter eggs we have no idea of so far!
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I disagree, different types of rockformations and re-used plants every 2 steps is getting stale and boring extremely fast. Besides there's not enough animals in general in my opinion.
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30 hours playtime, no interest in exploring anymore lol. its true so many trees and so are just copy pasta everywhere.
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It's not a biology game, it's about logistics. Go play minecraft if you want exploring lol
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there is like 10 biomes in the world i literally just drove around for up to 2-3 hours now checking out the planet
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