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My Internet USB dongle is currently broken, so I cannot connect to the Internet. However, satisfactory and its saves are still here. I decided I could continue anyway, and it prompted me to go into offline mode when I loaded the save. However, once I joined in, I realized I loaded in at the Hub (I had not saved there) and all of my inventory items were gone.

Upon exiting and reopening, it did the same thing, and I also noticed that it didn't show my username, just a number.  After messing around for a while and then saving and quitting, I rejoined to see that it had done it again. However, I soon noticed that my playermodel from before was still where I had left. Every time I join into my own save I'm a new player, unable to access my previous inventory and cluttering my factory with clones of myself that I will not be able to get rid of as far as I know.

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That is  what happen when you offline , there is no fix for that.

You can kill the ghost players to recover inventory, and push them off the cliff, or remove with save editor.
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would love to know if anything is being done to fix this one?
is it even on the list of bug to fix or is it something you will get around to soon or later
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