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I can put an overclocked upgrade into a machine, set the clock speed to 150% then take out the overclocker and the the clock speed will remain. https://i.imgur.com/LkxQ9Cc.png

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Once you leave that screen it will fix itself.

Even if you left your PC on and at that screen it wouldn't matter because that power slug will sit in your inventory.
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That's just visual. The machine actually does drop it's production speed down accordingly instantly when you remove the power shard. Even if you stay there with the miner's screen open.
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For some of them yes it is a visual but for others the overclocked remains the same even when i restart the map. I forgot to mention that doing this will also yield a free power core sometimes. The overclocked is not a visual and does impact the speed. I recorded a video of me showing off all the machines that i have that are impacted by it but unfortunately was unable to reproduce the problem. perhaps it is only in multiplayer that it works?(the person i play with is unavailable at the moment but when possible i will try it again)
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It was probably one of the (very many) multiplayer bugs. In single player that never happens. It always brings the machines down when you remove the shards in single player.
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