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Created a Tractor with it's path to deliver steel 1000m away. Disappeared without a trace. No Icon, nothing.

Created a 2nd Tractor by following the same pathing. Disappeared without a trace. No icon, nothing.

Third Tractor disappeared...

Moved my oil tractor  two steps without disabling autopilot, disappeared without a trace.

I dislike using conveyer belts for 1000m-2000m but I guess there's no alternative.

suggestion: when fuel runs out, disable autopilot to get the icon back and perhaps have a chance to recover the vehicle. I suspect they probably fell through the map.

update: After 40 hours I got the explorer upgrade and the map that shows one of the tractors to be in a place I have not yet discovered in a far off place.
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My first Tractor delivering stuff 1000m away is still there since the beginning.I've had them drive up and down winding cliffs. Im uncertain why some work and sometimes glitch. I never see them vanish so I assume its happening when I'm out of rendering distance. The desert map is uneven so using foundations 1-2km is impractical, might as well use belts but tractors are amazing when they aren't disappearing. Look foward to Trains but at 21 hours I'm only now just about to reach them.
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You could build an elevated road with foundations to cross uneven terrain. Not necesarrily some of the Skyways which are 40 and more walls high which don't look that well and it's difficult to get on or off them. You can build some only 2 to 5 walls height over lower obstacles and trees. Just enough to still drive under them if necesarry.

To be honest I started building them BECAUSE I was very reluctant to cut down even one tree. So far I have 6 km of elevated roads. I can drive with an explorer in 3 minuten from the south to the north-east desert. I only need to share this road with 2 tractor routes to the center for aluminium and quartz.

I recently placed double train tracks over the elevated roads. The train only needs 90 seconds from south to entry of desert and is using the same road. Trees cut down for this road: 0 but it was very very tricky to find a way.

So I use them for tractor/truck roads, now for trains as well and I use them personally with the explorer to quick drive to the edges of the map. And sometimes I even run belts below the elevated road for short distances. I also placed a continuous walkway along the elevated roads but rarly use them as I prefer the ground by foot. And I placed powerlines on them as well but now with trains it's not really necesarry any longer.
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an interesting idea, using foundations to create roads. I'll probably try that at some point in a new game. I spent the next 8 hours waiting for Tier 7 and there were no tractor problems.
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I use belt for everything, it's inconvenient to place but once it's placed well it work without an inch so
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maybe someone is stealing them monkaS
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