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On the Satisfactory wiki, the entry for cable suggests that an alternate recipe using quickwire exists. I've never been offered this recipe despite using quit/reload tactics after a hard drive analysis.

Anyone able to confirm they have unlocked this recipe and if so what pre-req alternate recipe unlocked it?


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It's possible Quickwire Cables existed at some point, but now they definitely don't.

I have loads of Hard Drives to spare, I tried passing them through the MAM to find new recipes and nothing ever pops up; not this recipe, not anything which means I have all the possible recipes in the game and Quickwire Cables isn't there. And the MAM doesn't give me an option to research Quickwire, Caterium or Rubber to expand on any of those.

I'm thinking it may have existed in the Experimental version and someone added it to the Wiki, but for us mere mortals with the standard Early Access, it's not there.
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Thank you. I accepted your answer at the time of your posting due to the evidence you provided and made alternate plans for cable in High-Speed Connector manufacturing.

Since then I too have unlocked all currently implemented alternate recipes and concur with your findings; Quickwire Cable does not currently exist as an alternate recipe. +1

I have updated the wiki
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You mean the one using Copper and Caterium ingot, to make quickwire? Yes, its in the game, at tier 3. Just need to research Caterium first.
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No that isn't the one I meant; I was referring to the alternate Cable recipe using Quickwire and Rubber as per the link in the OP. It's now established this recipe isn't in the current version of the game.

Thanks for your input nontheless :)
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