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I had this idea the other day: instead of having one machine dedicated to producing one of each type of item we can make, I should rebuild my factory to be able to make 1 stack per min of each item!!

So I started planning how many machine would be required for this.

The early-game items are easy. Two normal-grade nodes, one copper and one iron, each with a new Mk 3 Miner can supply enough ores to make 100 Iron Plates, 100 Iron Rods, 500 Screws, 500 Wires and 100 Cables per min and would require 33 Constructors and 13 Foundries (not using any Power Shards). Easy peasy!!

But when you get to Heavy Modular Frames, to be able to produce 50 / min you need 18 Manufacturers, 138 Assemblers, 209 Constructors, 104 Foundries and 11 Miners for Coal, Iron, Copper, Limestone and Quartz. When I redo my calculations using power shard, I need over 500 of them and obviously my power consumption skyrockets!!

I haven't even begun planning how many machines would be required to make 50 Motors / min or 50 Super Computers / min, nor any of the explosives nor the aluminium stuff.

I realize the whole point of the game is to build stuff, but trying to produce 1 stack / min of every possible item is just crazy and ridiculous, right?

Has anyone built such an enormous factory capable of producing 1 stack / min of every possible item?

What's a more realistic goal to aim for when expanding my factory?

Constructive suggestions welcome...
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Hi there,

I am not that crazy to want one stack of each item/min but I must admit it sounds interesting. But: Do yur math, calculate the crude oil/caterium/crystal you need for Computer, Supercomputers and other high tier items and your idea could crush at all. There could be just not enough nodes, wether or not you are going to overclock them. As I understand you want to build for each Item an indipendent production line, the output at the end is is not going into  the next huge production line?

So, what could work is planning with alternative blueprints but that is not even a guarantee though working with vanilla only recipes would not be possible at the moment in my opinion. And there are still things to come of which we do not know at all at this stage

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You can check using satisfactory calculator to see if it's possible, your limiting resource will probably be oil.
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