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Hello there,

I would like to ask, how do you handle the limited ressource nodes when you are building..let´s say "huge" production Lines? As it comes to me I decided not to use alternative recipes to look how far one could come and meanwhile I noticed that crude oil will become a chokepoint for me because there is just not enough for my needs.

What I did so far is to produce every High Tier Item in a huge amount, like 15 Computer/min, 15 Supercomputer/min, 20 Heavy Modular Frame/min and every Item has it`s own exclusive production line and does not participate on the results of any other production line.
So..now I am at a point where the math says "So, you wanna have 20 Radioy Control Units/min and 15 Turbo Motors/min as well? Duuude...thats getting...rough at least..." and there literally are as good as no more Oil Nodes that I can make use of and there are still things to come to build which are not in the game at the moment, not to mention the 4 Nucelar Fuel Rods/min which are feeding my nucelar power reactors.

I don´t mind starting over though I would like to know how you solved those circumstances if you ever encountered them? Alternative recipes for the win I guess?
English is not my native language for which I am sorry concerning any mistake int his post

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Alt Recipies will save you a lot of power and resources in general.

Someone on Reddit did some math and came up with this comparison for turbo motors: https://www.reddit.com/r/SatisfactoryGame/comments/cecm6v/tip_find_alternative_blueprints_before_doing/

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I've been able to automate the production of every item in the game so far and only need 2 oil pumps and a truck hauling it back home and easily handle the demands of the factory.

Remember to have everything go to boxes and fill the boxes so your conveyor belts back up and eventually idle down large sections of your factory and you'll be fine. You don't need everything running non-stop all the time, that's pointless.
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I fully understand one does not need this huge production capability, in fact and in another savegame erverything works fine in a small manner, like in yours. But what do you do when you have everything automated (Radio Control Units, Turbomotors, Nobeliks...) and the game just can not give you more at this stage of development. As it comes to me I started over and am now going for the huge production lines and to get the game to the edge.
In fact it is a lot more satisfying, at least for me, when I hit the borders of this game because in a reverse assumption it is obvious the game does not need those huge lines to fulfill the target in the end like you stated :-)
Though...it is a bummer nevertheless and this is the reason why I asked how do you troubleshoot this when having serveral hundred hours of gameplay and fool around with the game like me.
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Personally once I have everything automated and let the game run to create up to 15k of every possible item stashed up for tier 8 and 9 then I just store the game and move on to some other game out of the hundreds of games I have yet to play in my steam library. I'll come back when they add more content to the game later.
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