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I'm planning to build a second story to my factory but the ways to move vertically all have problems:

  • stairs are very slim and have no railings so you can easily fall off while walking up them
  • making a spiral staircase from walkways is very tedious and they can overlap with foundations in weird ways
  • foundation ramps are too big to make a normal staircase out of

I would like a better way to move vertically like ladders for example. Also I would really like to have railings on stairs.

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Personally I think that adding Paternosters would be cool and offbeat.
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Actually, paternosters really work for this application. Sounds like a good idea.
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stackable ladders that can fix to walls like storage containers already have. And yeah an elevator like normal conveyor lift would be great.

...and some kind of landing target designator showing you were launch pads will launch you to, would be great.
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Staircases with railings, maybe. But the second floor for me is usually 3 walls up (12m) which means 6 staircases. That turning makes me dizzy. If I had to go up more than one floor... oh boy. I like ladders the most and use conveyor poles stackable to do that.

Either add ladders or maybe something like this:
An elevator going non-stop, similar to how vertical conveyors work where you can jsut wait for a floor to appear, step on it and get out at the level you wish.

In my opinion, vertical jump pads don't quite serve the purpose enough.
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Elevators! This would be an obvious add to me.

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Another way until you get to Jetpacks, is to use the Conveyor Pole Stackable as makeshift ladders. Since you can stack them to infinity (and beyond), you can place them easily wherever you need to go up. Just climb the side! I have a few well placed ladders on the sides of my building to get to the roof easily.
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Did you try the Tier 2 Jump Pads? That's what I've been using to move up multiple floors.
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Also a Little bit Buggy...Elevator therefore a good idea.
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I have made a suggestion to replace the Lookout Tower with an Elevator. This would address your problem also. Please vote here:


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As soon as you reach tier6 you get jet pack which helps :) in the meantime, either stacked storages or a lookout tower would help with ladders
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Glad to hear there is something later on, would be nice to have ladders though too
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I could imagine Turbolifts like we know from Star Trek in Satisfactory. They can travel vertical and horizontal.

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You can use the stackable conveyer placement things to climb up because they have a ladder either side of them. Hope this helps!
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I still do not use the stair case (since my base do not even have walls nor floors i don't really need them) but elevator, ladder or teleporter could be awesome especially if they dont need to be placed upon a foudation, some cliffs would become so much easier.

Could also add elevators for vehicules because I don't plan to do map exploring and such by foot.

Edit : The jump pad are enough in fact but I would love to be able to adjust the ouput to go to the floor i want and not wait to fall back to enter it. Staircases are shit.
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Adjusting the height was also something I thought about. But until then (or another form of vertical human transportation) I fit my storey heights to the jump pads.

I placed a pad and the jelly thing next to it on a foundation and put up walls next to it. I jumped and fell until I had the height I wanted. (This way you also have enough vertical space, when things get crowded.)
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