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at least starting from mid or late game onwards (e.g. unlockable milestone in HUB) portable miners (especially for building MK II miners) and medical inhalers should be automatable.
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I could see the miners maybe, but inhalers are kinda op so I wouldn't get my hopes up on that, I would love to automate bombs tho.
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I do not see the point for automate the production of portable miners outside the personally need for automate everything but nevertheless this should be possible just for the spirit of the game - we automate everything, right? And due to the fact we would need to manually feed the production line for Inhalers we should allowed to automate the item as well.
But as it comes to Nobelisks you can automate the production, though it is a little bit labor-intensive.


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Considering the portable miner takes 1 inventory slot, and the fact that the materials to make one are much more compact, it's kinda pointless to make these in large quantities in advance.

When you need to make a miners, just plop down a Workshop (or use the one in a vehicle), and make the portable miners you need, then disassemble the workshop.

As to the inhalers.  Again, kinda pointless to automate this since you can't automate obtaining the materials.
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I had been aware of the workflow as well as the inventory slot issue. However, I do like these items to be automated. Thus, this is not an answer to my suggestion.
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