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I'm sure this question has been asked before but let me say this. Have you caught yourself searching through endless storage containers and other storage units just looking for a certain item? I believe a sort of small signage unit could be of great use to many users with more large scale factories, it eventually happens to everyone so signage to locate resources in a more time effective manner and would be a great addition. Similar to beacons, Signs can be colored and picked up however, they do not broadcast their location to players or on the map like beacons and radar towers do.
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Wold love to see signs! As a workaround, I have been dropping one of the items in a storage box by it's intake, and pulling a tail of belt out it's output side. Hope that helps
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Maybe I have another workaround:
Train stations display their name and if the name is too long it currently overflows. You can display any text far away from the station.

Keep in mind that it could be anoying to setup and coult be removed / fixed in a future version.
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