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Opening and closing containers feel more clunky than intuitive. Currently you use a hotkey to open a container then you have to mouse click on the ui's X or hit the esc button to close the container. It would be nice to be able to close a container with the same hotkey that opened it.
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Why aren't you using the "E" key to open and close containers? That is the default. Same goes with the open & close the build menu "Q". Same for inventory, press "TAB" to open and close.
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Because I rebound it to my number pad which is most comfortable for me as it is closest to many other keys I have rebound. Not everybody plays with the same key configuration... and I'm one of the rare ones that play on the right side of a keyboard.

I did temporarily moved it back to E for testing and yes, that does work as it should. However, because they gave us the option to rebind our keys, I assume they intended for that function to work with whatever key that it is bound to.

So perhaps this is a small bug.
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AutoHotkey is your friend.
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Yeah... I'm familiar with AutoHotkey! A godsend for those games that don't do keybindings!
This tiny glitch isn't a game killer for me so, I may load up AutoHotkey just to pamper myself haha. In the meantime, I'll report this as a bug.
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Note that E continues to work to close containers even if you rebound the opening of containers to something else.

Its obviously a bug in the key binding code. (along side a couple other keybind issues if you don't work with a keyboard with a US/UK layout).
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